Under the Life Berlengas project, several activities are planned to be developed with the school community as well as with fishermen, tour operators and Berlengas visitors with the aim to aware for the importance of Berlengas natural heritage that besides important seabird populations includes three plant species that only exists in Berengas!

Some of these activities have already begun but the dissemination of the project will continue in the coming months with visits to schools, exhibitions and seabird counts at Cape Carvoeiro.


If you would like Life Berlengas team to visit your school, please contact us via email life@berlengas.eu

The activities in schools include a presentation on the project Life Berlengas, watching the video spot "Berlengas, an archipelago of life" and playing interactive games. With these games, the students can learn more about the seabirds and vegetation of the archipelago, and more about the main threats to Berlengas biodiversity. The content of the activities is adapted to school level, and includes outdoor games, puzzles and for the youngest, coloring books.


Discover here the cartoons of seabirds that live in Berlengas. You can print them and offer it to children for coloring.

Download here the full coloring book. We would like to thank Toni Mulet for these beautiful illustrations!

Discover Berlengas archipelago through the activity book for 10 years old students. Get to know the book here

Discover here the cartoon stickers of seabirds that live in Berlengas!

Do you already know the LIFE Berlengas activities that teachers can use in the classroom?

Quiz Life Berlengas for students from 10 to 11 years old

Peddy paper for students from 6 to 11 years old