29 January | Peniche
Restoration of Island Ecosystems Workshop

This workshop will be held at Peniche at the Escola Superior de Turismo e Tecnologia auditorium, in January 2018 from 29 to 31 and it will be focused on invasive alien species (IAS) on islands, their impact and management.

Island flora and fauna tend to be particularly vulnerable to IAS, and many insular endemics have been driven to extinction by these invaders. But awareness of the damaging impact of invasive species is growing and islands offer the possibility of long-term refuge and security if alien species can be eradicated or effectively controlled.

Over recent decades, the management and even eradication of island invasives have developed from small-scale experimentation to large scale operations. This workshop will be useful to discuss the discovery of new approaches and share experiences from the lessons of earlier operations, good and bad.

This conference will bring together experts and those who want to know more about the invaders and invaded habitats and how to control or eradicate them. 


Registrations are closed and the programme is finished. We have several speakers from different countries and different communications about similar LIFE projects. Final programme of this event can be found here.

The abstract book is already available. Discover here the 16 presentations.

Useful informations about Peniche can be found here




21 May | Berlengas
Trip to Berlengas, a Natura 2000 area

The Berlengas Special Protection Area has almost 100 000 hectares, which includes an extensive marine area and all islands and islets of Berlengas archipelago. To celebrate the day of Natura 2000 network, SPEA invites all members to join us on a trip to discover land and sea, to enjoy all the natural landscapes. Besides all the marine richness this archipelago also has a unique flora that during spring fills the islands with several colours.

Come with SPEA for a boat trip to Berlengas with a passage near Farilhões, stops to observe seabirds and a visit to Berlenga island where we can do a walk and visit the intervention areas of Life Berlengas.

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31 March | 11:15
7 tips for caring for the birds in your garden

Remember that usually swallow nest outside your home? Or that swift that appears to him in the garden? With the arrival of spring, start arriving migratory birds that give life to this time of year.

Learn 7 tips on how to help them:

1. Provide water in troughs or bowls where birds can drink or bathe in warm weather

2. Never remove or damage the bird's nest. If you do not want these to do it at home, just put plastic strips or twine along the eaves

3. Place nest boxes in some exposed places, selecting preferably simpler models made from natural materials such as wood or cork, and away from potential predators (ex .: cats). You can find some in the SPEA site

4. Avoid power trees, hedges or shrubs during spring

5. Increase the diversity of vegetation in your garden by planting different herbs, plants that produce fruits or seeds, fruit trees and shrubs. Tip: Avoid invasive species such as incenseiro (Pittosporum undulatum)

6. Avoid applying pesticides and herbicides

7. Increase the diversity of the structure of your garden, keeping spontaneous vegetation strips or not cut in lawns, alternating dense vegetation zones with clearings