When you visit Berlengas don’t forget that you are in a Nature Reserve with a unique ecological value. Respect the rules of Berlengas Nature Reserve and read the code of conduct for the visitors of protected areas.


  • Always walk on the trails
  • Respect the recommendations written on the  Reserve signs
  • Dispose trash in the appropriate places or take it with you
  • Do not take plants or geological samples, let other visitors to be able to contemplate the richness of the island
  • Keep a distance from animals and do not feed them
  • Take pictures, they are memories of the good times and register the beauty of the landscape
  • Camping is allowed in the defined area and campfires are not allowed
  • Contact local authorities if you detect any irregularity



The beach is one of the most popular sites for recreational activities, watch out for signs of danger

Avoid staying in dangerous and unstable places

Protect yourself from sun exposure

Before bathing respect the time for digestion

Avoid long trails in the hours of greatest heat

Drink liquids, preferably water and natural juices

For distance observations use binoculars

If you stay overnight on the island, use flashlights



Did you know that plastics at sea are a major cause of death of marine animals?



National Emergency Number 112

Radio VHF - Maritime Band Channel 16 "Estação Berlenga”

First-aid post located in “Bairro dos Pescadores”