The different actions of LIFE Berlengas have been developed according to the schedule and so far good results have been achieved.

Project Reports

Inception Report (February 2015)

Mid-term Report (April 2016)

Progress Report (May 2017)


Preparatory Actions


Action final report (December 2016)


Action final report (December 2016)


Report regarding Black rats and rabbits genetic analyses (September 2016)

Monitoring of rabbit population (October 2016)

Characterization of an insular population of invasive rodents (July 2016)


Action final report (December 2016)


Action final report (December 2016)

Maps of flora distribution (October 2016)


Action final report (February 2015)


Action final report (February 2017)

The role of fisheries in Yellow-legged Gull's diet (Sara Nujo Veríssimo Master Thesis)

In more than three years of project we had the help of more than 150 volunteers. Most participants were students of bachelor, masters and professional courses. Many of them took the opportunity to develop their master thesis, degree or internships reports.

Conservation Actions


Seabird tracking data (May 2017)

Preliminary report (December 2017)


Evolution of Hottentot Fig Removal (December 2016)

Video of vegetation recover in the intervention areas (June 2016)

Intervention areas maps (May 2015), (April 2016) and (December 2016)


Preliminary report (March 2017)


Monitoring Actions


Preliminary report (December 2016)


Visitation baromether (December 2017)

Recreational use of Berlengas and implications for its management (Alexandra Gil Master thesis)


Report from the Workshop "Management of berlengas SPA: Plan, Implement, take action" (February 2017)

Technical report on the stakeholder's perception of the opportunities and constraints arising from the SPA (August 2017)


Management Actions


Restoration of Island Ecosystems Workshop, January 2018 (programme), (abstract book), (oral communications), (roundtables results)


Internship Reports

Marta Catita internship - Monitorização e implementação de técnicas para recuperação de habitats insulares: o caso de estudo da ilha da Berlenga (July 2015)

Claudio Bicho internship - Interações entre Aves Marinhas e redes de emalhar e tresmalho (August 2015)

Emília dos Santos internship - Gestão e Monitorização no âmbito do projeto LIFE+ Berlengas (2015) 

Elisabete Silva master thesis - Contribuição para o estudo da biologia reprodutora e ecologia de galheta Phalacrocorax aristotelis, do arquipélago das Berlengas (December 2015)

Mariana Anjos internship - Projecto LIFE Berlengas. Gestão Sustentável de uma Zona de Proteção Especial (January 2016)

Andrea Ripol internship - Conservation and restoration of insular habitats in favor of native vegetation and nesting marine bird populations (February 2016)

Anita Alessandrini internship - Conservation and restoration of insular habitats for the benefit of native vegetation and populations of breeding seabirds (February 2016)

Irene Tolu master thesis - Incidenza di variabili ambientali ed effetto dell'esperienza nel comportamento della Berta maggiore, Calonectris borealis, durante le cure parentali sull'isola diBerlenga (Portogallo) (February 2016)

Isabelle Bellier internship - Suivi du Cormoran huppé (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) sur l'île de Berlenga, Portugal (May 2016)

Tânia Nascimento internship - Caracterização de uma população insular de roedores invasores. O caso do rato-preto (Rattus rattus) na ilha da Berlenga (July 2016) 

Claudia Pich master thesis - Influencia de las variables ambientales en el comportamiento de cría de la pardela atlántica (Calonectris borealis). Análisis de los patrones de asistencia en la isla Berlenga (June 2016)

Diana Barão internship - A idade e o sucesso reprodutor têm influência na fidelidade de Calonectris borealis nas Berlengas, Portugal? (May 2017)

Rita Matos internship - Monitoring fisheries, bycatch and mitigation measures (June 2018)